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Equipped with the famous professional quad-core system Media Tek MT8581 chipset, the UDP800 4K UHD Blu-ray player features advanced image decoding and processing technology, with 4K ultra HD and HDR support, including Dolby Vision and HDR10+, providing clear and sharp picture and rich colors.
4k Blu-Ray Disc
Dolby Vision
4K Upscaling
Dolby Atmos

New Firmware

Changelogs 5.69:

1 – Edit: The « last memory » prompt box display time has been increased by a few seconds.
2 – Add: The subtitle adjustment menu can now adjust the height of internal subtitles.
3 – Fix: When the disc does not have internal subtitles, Disc external subtitles (in USB root folder) load fail.
4 – Fix: Audio stuttering during playback on some 4K UHD discs.
5 – Fix: Reverse video frame-by-frame or slow playback could cause crash during HEVC 4K UHD disc playback.
6 – Fix: A crash caused by irregular timeline subtitle files with external subtitles.
7 – Edit: Add a « border » effect to external subtitles.
8 – Edit: When the external subtitles are read till the end of the file, the last few subtitles are not loaded.
9 – Fix: Crash during CD RIP.
10 – Fix: When the CEC function is active, the SONY TV remote control return key cannot control the BD Player.

UDP 800 Version V5.69




Changelogs 5.25:

1 – The loader drive slows down too much, resulting in intermittent sound of special UHD discs.
2 -《TOP GUN》4K disc, step reverse and slow backward playback will crash.

UDP 800 Version V5.25



Changelogs V5.23:

1 – Fix: Failed to show external subtitle if the BD disc has no any PGS subtitle.
2 – Add: Add configurations for some other countries.

UDP 800 Version V5.23



Changelogs V5.19:

1 – While Setup Menu TvSystem->AUTO and Resolution->1080I/P, play 23.976/24HZ film, HDMI no output of 23.976/24HZ.
2 – While Setup Menu Audio->Spdif->Bitstream, and the sound is muted. play BD/MOV and click BTN_NEXT, and then SPDIF will be UnMute.
3 – Play special video files(Audio is not supported, but video is supported). the playback will be auto paused.
4 – Standby power consumption slightly exceeds 0.5W.
5 – When playing SACD disc and outputting with DSD to the DAC, The left and right channels of Balanced Stereo Audio Output are not the same level.
6 – Edit: When playing 4K discs, slightly reduce the speed of the loader to reduce the noise of the loader.
7 – Add: Now you can adjust the PGS subtitles vertical coordinate in the subtitle adjustment menu.
8 – The last PGS subtitle on the disc cannot be displayed.

UDP 800 Version V5.19



Magnetar Upgrade USB Storage

How To Update The Firmware Of USB Flash Drive

1- On a USB disk root, create a folder « UPG » copy and past all the « .bin » files.
(For macOS users, format your USB key in “EXFAT”)
2- Insert the USB disk into your player
3- Power ON your player
4- Using your remote, click on « setup »
5- Select, « options » then « update » then « USB storage »
6- Do not power OFF your player during the update
7- After the upgrade reload the default settings « setup » then « options » then « load default »

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